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Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (1)
Graceful acceptance of appsettings.json changes (5)
PTFeeder still being developed? (4)
Condition Question (2)
Condition Question_ (7)
pair.VwmaPercentageChange(X) (1)
GUI addition of market mode of bot (2)
Add setting for average minbuyvolume to mitigate risk of pump and dump (3)
BtcMovmentGrouping (2)
Difference between the high and the low (1)
MinutesToMeasureTrend_xx (3)
We might need a different criterion for determining Market Conditions (2)
Add GUI for PT Feeder (5)
AverageCandleBodySize (1)
Feeder “Hostname’ for TV Alert message box (1)
Pending Order Wait Time Parameter (5)
Ride and dive config (1)
Check EMAs for each pair to enable buying (1)
Add "MinutesToMeasureTrend": "" to market conditions under appsettings.json (1)
Exchange being down should not prevent startup (1)
Exchange feature without separate market trend / exchange (1)
Buy Strategy based Offset Groups (1)
Add more logic to determine Bear, Bull, Boring market conditions (1)
Price trend value changes (1)
Feed multiple markets with a single instance (1)
More price trend offsets (1)
Nested offset groups (1)
Trade only with top xx coins (1)
Time Based No Action Override (1)
TradingView Alerts Signal Length (1)