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Add GUI for PT Feeder


Transition from github issues:

Add GUI for PT Feeder.

Any thoughts or ideas, please comment below.


Soon ™?


This would make it a lot more appealing to the average user if this could be made a reality! Especially if there was some way it could be integrated into the PT GUI - another “tab” within their layout. If that isn’t a possibility a similar layout scheme with its own webpage would be great!

On a side note if you can implement buttons that are actually interactive and do not just display the status of something (SOM as an example) that would be extremely helpful for people who may not have the accessibility to edit the settings while away from where they are hosting their bot. An example being myself who runs mine of my PC but uses chrome remote desktop app to interact with it while afk. :upside_down_face:


@MaliciousUpload GUI is on the way. Its definitely going slower than expected but I want it to be interactive and intuitive as you mentioned, not just a way of generating the appsettings file.

I’ll share screenshots of it on here when it getting close to completion and in testing phase.


Cool. Would love to see a GUI integrated in PT. Maybe next to the indicators in the right bottom an indicator mentioning what market condition you’re in.