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Are lastest PT default settings supported by PTF?


Hi everyone and support team. I have recently bought PTF and have PT already running but I have some concerns:

  1. Lastest pt-default settings ( released last saturday include changes like “El Toro” strat. Is PTF considering this and all new changes?

  2. Since PT 2.0 release changes to config files are only allowed through GUI and I wonder If PTF is updated to work with that change

Right now I´m not sure if run PTF or not. Comments from the PTF team would be apprecited. thanks


Hey Raul,

The default settings are made for PT, not PTF and i‘m not sure someone has yet converted them to PTF settings but there shouldn‘t be a big problem in doing so.

In general PTF does totally work with the latest PT and also with the GUI setting changes - it is writing the settings through the API introduced in PT 2.0



Thanks for replying @helmi

Just one comment to add. If you want to use the El Toro or any other settings created for PT, they can easily be converted to PTF settings using


Hi Helmi


I a newbie so I wanted be sure everything will go fine specially because they include new strategies like “el toro” in the file