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Assistance with Connecting to Multiple PT Bots


Im looking to setup 1xPT Live, 3xPT PaperTrading bots
However im a bit confused as how to setup the files so they are different for each instance of PT Bot

  1. Thought was i specify a separate file with the appsettings.json for each - however was unclear where and how the environment variable is set does it work to suffix it 2,3,4 so i could point to a file in PT directory rather than PTF.
    Wiki specifies #
    It will read an environment variable called PTFEEDER_CONFIG_DIRECTORY

  2. Setup each different setting as
    Wiki also specifies #

  • Add ability to name appsettings with a suffix to identify the appsettings file. Only one however needs to exist in your config folder.
  1. Is it possible to setup how its shown in 1.

Thanks in Advance


I’m not sure where you got that info from as it’s not possible to do that. Do let me know as I can clarify it better if that’s the impression it gives.

For different settings on different bots, you need to setup more instances of feeder to point to the different bots.


Thats disappointing. Guess I will have to create a work around for now and maybe look at more PTF licenses later. I am attempting to branch out to test and run more strategies as in the last 2 weeks iv lost about 12% of my investment due to settings and the bags they produced. Not including the cost of PT, PTF, PTD licenses.

However back to the point.
I got that impression from

  1. Ability to run 4 Bots - from PTFeeder Wiki
    As PT Feeder can support up to 4 ProfitTrailer bots, you can add the following to your hostsettings.json file
    Listing ability to specify locations of 4 bots, however its not clear hear there will only be one appsettings.json ie one feeder configuration. My original thoughts here were fantastic this is great value

  2. Environment variable i found out relates to “Windows Environment Variables” but was originally confusing with what i believed was ability to specify different settings for PTF for different Bots - refer link above #

  3. Biggest one i thought indicated this property was PTF 1.6.0 update # as listed above.
    However as i found during testing, having more than one appsettings.json in config folder results in an error and PTF doesnt run.

One thing i have seen really missing with PT, PTF, PTD is an ability to really try it out as Trial or even for those whom own it to be able to run PaperTrading Instances to test out their bots. Unless that is the market strategy.

In terms of youtube and other media talk has pretty much run out. Most videos were Jan 2018, last few July 2018. The community is still here but its not clear where to begin.

Sorry Thats just whats there for me now. It makes me a bit sad given the product has great potential

only 2 links available :frowning:


Thanks for that info. It’s really useful and I’ll try make it clearer.

In terms of PTF, you can run PTF on 4 different API keys under one license. So you can run 4 different instances of PTF with one license, and if you use the same API key for your paper bots, those will not count towards the 4.

Having different folder locations, is if you want to run the same setting on binance, poloniex, bittrex and huobi for example.


Got it. That’s great to hear.

What you mentioned above would be something good to add to wiki.

In reference to “different folder locations”, is it meant to be different folder location?
Just making sure everything is clear. If it is locations can you clear up how they are specified, as my understanding is you can only have one located at “Windows Environmental Variable” PTFEEDER_CONFIG_DIRECTORY, setting the default for PTF at launch over any existing config folder in the local directory for all Instances of PTF.

Side impact of this is You have to choose between running

  1. one central folder for all PTF on the machine => max 1xPTF & 4xPT bots as would all have same settings
  2. every PTF instance having its own config folder locally => max PTF & PT instances VM can handle
    side note possible solution I see is symbolic link/s in local folder of PTF to a centralized Unique “PTF config folder per 4 PT bots”

Thanks Again For Clarification


The windows environment variable only needs to be changed if you want to move the config directory to another place on your hard drive and not in the PT Feeder directory. It needs to point to the directory where your config files are located. There will only ever be two config files, appsettings and hostsettings.

The folder locations are the location of your PT installation. These directory is needed as certain details are read from of PT.

The two options that you gave are only two options. There is no way to run one PTF with different settings for each bot.


Thanks for working with me.

I think I added a bit too much detail above.

The behaviour I have observed is when “Windows Environmental Variable” PTFEEDER_CONFIG_DIRECTORY is set it will always be used over the local directory.

Is there any override?

Im attempting to flush out the expected behaviour and current capabilities.

Additional Notes - Don’t have to read

Attempting to locate PTF config in alternative locations
Windows Server 2008 desktop testing

  • Shortcuts - don’t work
  • Symbolic Links (Note: when the files/folders are copied it will break the link, creating files/folders)
    • For each File.json you must use Hard symbolic links
    • For Folder - config you can use Soft/Hard symbolic links


I don’t know whether this helps, but I have 1 live bot + 3 test bots + 2 feeders set up like this:

PTF1 (feeding PT1)
PTF2 (feeding PT2, PT3 & PT4)

Where PT1, PT2, PT3 and PT4 are the four ProfitTrailer installation folders and PTF1 and PTF2 are the PT-Feeder installation folders. PT1 is my live Binance bot being fed by PTF1.

PT2, PT3 and PT4 are testbots on Binance, Poloniex and Bittrex fed from PTF2 using (mostly) identical settings. I use the “ExchangeGrouping” overrides to adjust MinBuyVolume and even BaseCurrency etc. to suit the different exchanges.

This is all with one PT-Feeder license and three PT licences. The two Binance bots use the same API-key.

I don’t use Windows (I’m running on a Linux VPS) but I’m sure you don’t need any environment variables or symlinks to get this working.



I understand how you approached it. Wasn’t thinking of the “ExchangeGrouping” at this time.

My current setup is 1xLive 3xPaper using the setup of PT + PTF in one file directory

At this stage, I have been using just copies of template changing settings manually.

Working on tonight a transition to “helmi74” docker instance setup.
However, will need to work on it as states “only works for one instance” - that’s going to change. Hope to then scale it up using Kubernetes to manage. May have to add a few extra features but ill cross that as I get there.