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Consecutive buys on Binance



We know that PT is not supporting max number of consecutive buys on Binance, but seems that PTF does something, unfortunately incorrectly, at least in my case.
It set the Bot already a few times to SOM but not after the specified amount of buys. Also, eventually it unlocked the SOM mode, but again not after defined number of sells.
Any hint here?



Are You sure of that?
I’m pretty sure PT works now with binance…
yep… it works
“Tar - Consecutive Buys - Global Sell Only Mode Enabled”
that’s binance bot
in ptf, ie:
“ConsecutiveBuyTrigger”: “8”,
“ConsecutiveSellTrigger”: “6”,


Seems that you are right, should have been working since 2.0 release. They didn’t remove the comment “Doesn’t work on Binance” from the config file, so it confused me.
Does it work properly for you?


not sure, which PT version fixed that issue, but I’m pretty sure it worked 24/05 (date of last notification)
Now I’m too bagged to test that :confused:
(not many buys last days)


Hahaha:-). Good luck in “unbagging”.
Just not the put went to SOM again after only one buy, although I set 6. Annoying…


I already had pessimistic settings…
but not pessimistic enough for current conditions :frowning: