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DCA setting when using Tradingview and Feeder


I’m using Tradingview for signals, I would now like to connected Feeder to the plan. What I would like to achieve is to use the signals from TV to keep buying until the coin sells. However, as we all know we get Bags, so whilst waiting for payday, I use it in the same fashion as the DCA strat. Moreover, I would like to limit the buys to 20 or 30 and then stop buying regardless.

In order to do this, I need to remove the “DCABUYSTRATEGY” Anderson, and replace it with the TV signals? Also, in the same case, the DCA Buy % 1, 2,3 etc. are they pointless?
I’m assuming I only need “DcaMaxBuyTimes”: “20”,“DcaMaxCost”: “0.00175”, All l want to do is buy that amount(0.00175BTC), 20 times. Just to make it clear, (I do not want to double down on position such as Anderson).

The problem with the TV signals is that I’m unable to automatically stop the buys at 20 unless l physically turn it off. PT Feeder is the fix, its just working out the links that are time-consuming. The advantage of this is that it keeps the signal active on TV and once the bag is sold it will start the process over.


Good question.

So the way Feeder works with TV signals is that it can override any settings you would like to, but any settings you don’t want to override will still be adhered to. So in your example if you set DcaMaxBuyTimes as 20, that will still be adhered to.

What you would like to do, is DCA on a TV signal. As PT does not have a way yet of saying “BUY NOW” we need to do this by changing the Buy Strategy of a DCA, or normal buy in that matter.

As part of my default settings in Feeder, I may have this:

 "DcaABuyStrategy": "LOWBB",
    "DcaABuyValue": "-5",
    "DcaBBuyStrategy": "STOCHRSI",
    "DcaBBuyValue": "0.10",
    "DcaBBuyValueLimit": "0.15",
    "DcaCBuyStrategy": "EMAGAIN",
    "DcaCBuyValue": "-2.5",

This is rarely going to DCA on its own. Then what I can do in my TV signals grouping is:

 "Override": {

          "DcaABuyStrategy": "RSI",
          "DcaABuyValue": "100",
          "DcaABuyValueLimit": "0",
          "DcaBBuyStrategy": "DISABLED",          
          "DcaCBuyStrategy": "DISABLED",

          "DcaTrailingBuy": "0",
          "Weight": "100"

What this will do is set the DCA buy strategy to RSI 100 and disable trailing buy so it will buy straight way. This is if you want this. You can also change buy strategy to RSI 50 for example, or whatever you like.

I hope this makes sense.


Thanks for the reply.

Using an RSI of 100 effective means any TV signal I recive will meet the RSI requirement and therefore place a market Oder.


Exactly, a way of “tricking” PT to place a market order. I personally don’t use RSI 100, but 60, as I want to make sure its not overbought already. But that really depends on how much you trust your TV signals.


I had the same request as well, but in regards for the purpose of DCA. (Not just rebuys)

However, placing another open position for Rebuy is not the same as allowing different percentage costs for each individual DCA trigger.


I’m not quite sure what you mean there.

So any other properties in your appsettings for feeder will still be adhered to by PT, including trigger percentages. With the settings I posted above, you are just forcing the next buy.


Hi meht!

Cryptophyte mentioned he wants/likes to use Signals for his DCA strategy. The main difference is I would like to use different percentages or different amounts for additional rebuys.


If you have things like this in your Default section of your appsettings, then they still will be adhered to:

 "DcaBuyPercentage1": "100",
 "DcaBuyPercentage2": "200",
 "DcaBuyPercentage3": "33.3333333333333",
 "DcaBuyPercentage4": "25",
 "DcaBuyPercentage5": "20",


Hi meht!

Just to clarify, DcaBuyPercentages don’t adhere to TV alerts.
Is there a rebuy percentage command ?


They don’t? They seem to be for me using the settings above.

My first DCA is 100%. My second is 200% etc


Eg. When using a TV script for additional DCA triggers. (Additional rebuys)
TV gives alert opens initial position
TV gives alert to DCA for same pair indicated by the script. (Custom percentage value)


So in this scenario:

  1. TV alert open initial position.
  2. Another TV alert on the same pair will trigger a DCA buy at the given percentage specified in DcaBuyPercentage1


Hi meht!


Thank you for reiterating!


So all is good right? There is nothing else that needs clarification?


If I am understanding your reiteration.

TV alert opens a position
Same pair gets TV Alert while pair is dropping in percentage. (TV alert preferred over DCA_trigger_percentage)
And to utilize Anderson strategy based on TV signals/alerts as previously mentioned to OP. (Complete opposite of what OP was requesting.)

A simple Rebuy_buy_percentage would do the trick, or DCA_TV_alert_buy_percentage2 as needed.


That wouldn’t be possible because feeder can only set properties available in PT.

You have to change properties that are available in PT. It would be awesome if feeder can make new properties in PT but it’s not possible


Hi Meht,

So, allowing PTF DCA buy strategies that are set to the values you previously mentioned above would allow TV to make alerts and correspond to the DCA buy percentages as well ?


Yes, the alert is telling PT to make a DCA buy. Any other settings, such as the DCA Buy Percentage, are still adhered to as PTF isn’t changing those.


Thank you for confirming. Although, I have tried this method initially but somehow was not adhering to additional buy alerts. Will update for further confirmation.


I set my TV alert overrides both the “normal” and DCA buy strategies. Also, I send all coins to DCA immediately. PT won’t execute the second buy, if the first buy is still in pairs.