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DCA setting when using Tradingview and Feeder


I’ve also noticed that you can’t buy if your DCA trigger is below your current profit level (e.g., coin is at +0.5, dca trigger is set to 0, minimum profit is set to +1.0, PT won’t execute a second buy if PTF receives a TV alert)


Hi Scott, that’s a really good point. Thank you


Hi Meht,

So, what would the trigger values need to be required for PTF to process an alert with B/C DCA strategies disabled?



In the override of your TradingView grouping, you set the stragies to disabled. Something like:

		"Condition": "[pair.SignalDetected] == true",
		"Configs": [
				"Override": {
					"BBuyStrategy": "DISABLED",
					"Weight": "1000"


Hi Meht,

Yes, I currently have B/C strategies disabled, but I am referring to the DCA_buy_trigger values.


You can’t disable them but you can override them to whatever you want "DcaBuyTrigger": "-100", or set DcaEnabled to false if you don’t want DCA at all