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Defining market conditions


Hi, can someone give me a hand with the market conditions (Minimum Base Coin Price Change, Maximum Base Coin Price Change,…).
I want my Bear folder to become active when my base coin drops for example 2.5% but also van it rises 2.5%.
I’ve been looking into the wiki but as a dutch speaking person it’s a bit difficult for me to grasp the concept I think. In the wiki your example setting is 3 (“MaxBaseCoinPriceChange”: “3” ) and then it mentions : “… is less than this max of 2% (e.g 1%)…” I don’t understand where the numbers come from so that’s why I’m asking if someone could explain it, please.

Thanks alot



Sorry if the wiki is unclear.

I think in your example you are looking for “MaxBaseCoinPriceChange”: “-2.5” which means if the BTC price change is -2.5% or less (in numerical terms for example -3.5, -5.5 etc), then you are in that market condition.

For the opposite side, you can use “MinBaseCoinPriceChange”: “2.5”, which is saying that if BTC has changed 2.5% or more, then you are in that market condition.

You can have them both in your MarketConditionGrouping and PTF will treat as an OR.

Something like:

"MarketConditionsGrouping" : {
    "Configs" : [ {
      "Name" : "Bear",
      "MinBaseCoinPriceChange": "2.5",
      "MaxBaseCoinPriceChange": "-2.5"


Hey thanks.
I think that just the example is unclear because of the different numbers. Am going to try it like you said (I was already thinking in that direction).

Thanks mate and keep up the good work. Really loving it.


One basic question here. I have been always thinking that there cannot be more folders, i.e. that all settings must be merged in one main appsettings.json file. I was seeing that many settings I could find around were split into several folders, but I was thinking it was just to be easier to read.
Vandammeian, your are also mentioning a folder… How the splitting should be done?


Initially feeder worked via folders, but it was actually tricker. Even though the appsettings now can get quite big, you know exactly where everything is. Previously, each market condition had a folder, with 3 files in it, a pairs, dca and indicators. Properties were merged from these files and the appsettings.

IMO, I think one file is easier. We can maybe split the appsettings down into separate files which get merged, but then you get the issue of duplication and which one gets used.


Ok, thanks for clarification!!!