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Feed multiple markets with a single instance


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Dear developers,

for research reasons i temporarily ran 2 instances of PTFeeder (EDIT btw: i’m still on 1.4) on my VPS. By that time i just had 2GB of RAM. Meanwhile i upgraded to 8GB (with 6 Cores) but dotnet is a bitch in terms of memory allocation and garbage collection (or I’m just a damn dotnet-on-linux-noob, don’t know). I restart PTFeeder daily via cron to avoid swapping (yes, real swapping getting worse by time, i checked with vmstat) and insane loadavg on the cpu (had a peak of 15 on 1 min after 2 days). Maybe you can tweak some GC or whatever settings in the runtime properties of PTFeeder’s dotnet config file but i haven’t researched plus i think the default settings you provide are good to go. So basically this is my kinda painful technical background.

My idea/proposal is to feed multiple markets (BTC, ETH, USDT etc.) with a single instance. If this would impact API Request Limits which can’t be handled by internal throttling or whatever technique this idea is already obsolete by now. On the other hand, running more than one instance of PTFeeder on a single VPS with a single IP (not an uncommon scenario i suppose if you have enough resources and are “crazy” enough) would be a higher “risk” for violating API Request Limits because both instances just run in their own scope. So that would basically be a plus for the idea of integration.

When it comes to implementation i wanted to keep it simple and it would look like this. Sorry for the old school 1.4 syntax. I haven’t migrated to 1.5 yet but if you get my idea this concept -whatever it’s worth- could be implemented in 1.5 config style syntax aswell.

“Host”: {
// “ServerUrls”: “http://localhost:9083”,

// Some of the following settings can more or less be moved to the config sections
// of the instance but that depends on the (non)sense and the effort needed for implementing it

“HostName”: “”,
“MarketConditionCheckInMinutes”: “3”,
“CalculateTrailingValues”: “true”,
“UseMaxCostPercentage”: “true”,
“UseMinBuyBalancePercentage”: “true”,
“TelegramBotId”: “”,
“TelegramChatId”: “”,
“TestMode”: “false”,

“Instance”: [
“Name”: “BTC”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder1”: “/opt/profittrailer-btc-binance”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder2”: “/opt/profittrailer-btc-bittrex”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder3”: “/opt/profittrailer-btc-poloniex”,
“Name”: “ETH”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder1”: “/opt/profittrailer-eth-binance”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder2”: “/opt/profittrailer-eth-bittrex”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder3”: “/opt/profittrailer-eth-poloniex”,
“Name”: “USDT”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder1”: “/opt/profittrailer-usdt-binance”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder2”: “/opt/profittrailer-usdt-bittrex”,
“ProfitTrailerFolder3”: “/opt/profittrailer-usdt-poloniex”,
“Serilog”: {
“MinimumLevel”: “Information”

sincerely yours,

p.s.: thanks for your fine piece of software.