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Installing Feeder on a preconfigured VPS


I’m running PT 2 which I purchased from Profit trailer directly preconfigured on VPS.

I now want to add PT Feeder. I have no idea where to start.

Do i need to do this entirely manually through the VPS backend?
or is there a service i can use to do it for me?

Thanks in advance



Have you spoken to VPS support on the Profit Trailer discord? They should be able to help.


Hi methadone,

I posted a message on VPS suppor proir to posting here and the response there was

“feeder is not a PT product, you will need to go to their discord for help!ptf”

This makes me think that its really just up to me to install in through the back end and therefore I need guidance from my VPS provider.

However i was hoping that someone on the discord has done this before…



Can they give you access to the VPS directly via ssh or something? If so, then you can follow the instructions as per:



thanks for the tip, I’ll look into this now and let you kno how i get on…

Big up!