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Problem with Integer values



feeder does convert “PendingOrderWaitTime”: “360” to DEFAULT_Pending_Order_Wait_Time = 360.0 which does not work. it should be Valid values: Integer values greater or equal to 0, no decimals.

same for DEFAULT_sell_wall_orderbook_depth among others. will there be an update to fix that?


Not even a reply? To bad this is just a discontinued SCAM. Shame on you,


I’m not sure how you expect me to reply in my sleep. Your initial message was 10 hours ago.

This will be changed in the new version, but you can also fix it in 1.6 by adding the following to your appsetting.json file:

"IntProperties": [


My apologies. Any eta on the new version?


No release date yet but a public beta can be found here