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Pt-feeder not starting, says API key is not valid


So this is very odd, as my pt-feeder was working I had to reboot my bot PC.

After which my 2 Bittrex Bots started fine PT & PT-feeder.
But my 2 Binance bots I could only get PT working as the pt-feeder says one of my API keys was not valid.

So I checked Telegram pt-feeder licence bot and sure enough I have 4 API keys in there 2 for Bittrex and 2 for Binance and they are the default keys so should be fine, but I keep getting the API key error.

Thinking it needed an upgrade I installed the latest pt-feeder and I still get the same error.


Can you paste the full error? Sometimes there is another error above the invalid API error which is the real reason why feeder didn’t start.


And in hostsettings.json you have pt feeder license key?
(not exchange api key)


Thanks for chipping in chaps, all looks goon in the settings files, as I say it was working before I did a reboot and nothing has changed.

Odd thing is I tested it again this morning and its working!

Could the licence server that checks APIs have been down?


Potentially, but we do get an alert when the license server goes down and nothing came through.

I’ll look through the logs from yesterday to see if I can spot anything. But glad its working now.