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PT Feeder still working with the Profit Trailer 2.1? (Smarter Trailing Update)


Hey there,

i wonder if pt feeder still does work with the Pt 2.1+?
i used to keep trailer updated until i figured out that feeder didnt recognizes my market condition triggers anymore.
i am a bit confused and downgraded ptrailer down to 2.0.16.
If feeder does work with the latest ptrailer version, where can i find some documentations about the many new features ptrailer 2.1 does have and how to make use of them with feeder?



PT Feeder will work with any version of PT. The latest version of PT will work fine.

If your market condition triggers are not being recognised, that is something to do with your Feeder appsettings, not your PT version.

To make use of any new features in PT, you can add them in your Feeder appsettings file according the naming convention described here:


@NomadFX You could try the PT2PTF tool I believe Methadone has on his Github as well, which converts any new setup of PT configuration files to PTF appsettings.json file, worked great for me.


Thank you, got it working.


This is a Testposting, ignore