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PTFeeder still being developed?


It appears there’s been no new releases since 02/2019 (v1.7.3.1535) and the conversations on this site no newer than 03/28/19. Is PT Feeder still actively being developed? I still find it useful. Thanks.


I believe your thought is correct. I haven’t heard/seen anything from this community for a while. I’ve not found any “issues” with the last build, so I still have it on.


I’m still here and will keep it maintained for latest PT versions. In terms of new features, I’m happy to add them if there is anything that seems useful, but if I’m being honest, most suggestions recently have been features for one users specific use case only. I’ll believe that a feature is only worth adding if it benefits more than one person!


That’s good to know, mehtadone. Thanks for explaining.