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Ride and dive config


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The market is swinging, and on some of the pairs- a ride up is happening.

The idea would be, if you think a coin is going to run, the sell value can be set, but if you set it too high, then if ticked over the bottom level, as soon as a drop hits a level, then a Panic sell is triggered, and the profit that was created is still kept.

Is there a way to build a config that stats- as an example- (I am SURE there is a way cleaner way to write this- just trying to give the idea.

In this settings ex.

The projected profit for the trade is 20% above the bought price. A Panic Sell is triggered- or a profit trial option is connected to keep it riding higher.
The bottom of the profit trigger is 10% above the bought price.
If the pair triggers the 10% profit but doesn’t hit the 20% before it gives back 3.4%, then there is a Panic sell on that pair at the 3.4% give back- locking in a 6.6% profit on the trade.

“SettingName”: “Ride and DIve”, // UNIQUE name of your setting
“TriggerConnection”: “or”, // Define if triggers will be connected by AND or OR
“Triggers”: [ // Your triggers for this setting
ALL_sell_value = 20
ALL_sell_value = < 10
and ALL_trailing_sell-value = <3.4
“PairsProperties”: { // Properties for PAIRS.PROPERTIES
"Panic_sell = true,
“ALL_trailing_profit”: 0.50
“DCAProperties”: { // Properties for DCA.PROPERTIES
“ALL_DCA_enabled”: false

the key to this past week’s growth was that the incline what steep for a lot of coins, but it was a dump and dump- there were downs in the trend up- with the top level sell, and a middle tear trigger to start locking in gains, that would help.

If we are in a pair, and the reversal happens at the very beginning, we are sitting on the sideline for the real rally. It sucks treading water to see a coin turn up, and exit at 1% and see if move 15 on the same line.