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Signal length overrides not working correctly


Override Settings in “TradingViewSignalsGrouping”: {
“Condition”: “[pair.SignalDetected] == true”,
“Configs”: [
“TrailingProfitOffset”: “.01”,
“InitialCostPercentageOffset”: “.01”,
“StopLossTriggerOffset”: “100”,
“Override”: {
“CBuyStrategy”: “DISABLED”,
“Weight”: “100”

Override Settings in “MarketConditionsGrouping”: {
“Configs”: [
“MaxBaseCoinPriceChange”: "
“Override”: {
“CSellStrategy”: “DISABLED”,
“InitialCostPercentageOffset”: “.01”,
“TrailingProfitOffset”: “.01”

After a MaxBase Coin price Change : CBuyStrategy was enabled, therefore resulting back to default parameters/settings, and TV grouping Override settings not taking place thereafter.

“SignalLength”: “999”


So if I understand correctly, the signal settings were in use until the Market Condition changed, and then it reverted to the default settings, not the TV settings or the Market Condition settings?

What is the weight in the market conditions grouping?


Weight was not set under Overrides for market conditions, therefore being set at Default at 50 ?


Further observation after adding a Weight command and value to a low value, i.e “5” under Market conditions provided the Overrides not being overwritten from Market conditions back to default settings.
However, any other confirmations please relay.


The actual Default weight is 0.

If you are still having issues, do share your full appsettings and happy to have a look