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Time Sync Error



I came home from work today to discover that PT Feeder is suddenly throwing a bunch of errors when attempting to check candles. Specifically, I get this error across dozens of coins:

[20:38:06 ERR] This is most likely to your machine time being out of sync. See wiki for known solutions.
[20:38:07 ERR] Candles initialization error ELCBTC [BadRequest]: ‘Bad Request’ - Invalid symbol. (-1121)

My time, as far as I can tell, is sync’d up properly and PT itself (and Defender for that matter) are not showing any similar errors.

Any advice on how to proceed? Never had this happen before.


Hi Robert,

This isn’t a timesync error. I’ll have a look why this error is showing.

Binance is sending coins on their coin list that they don’t have on their exchange. This is happened a few times after their maintainence. This list lets feeder know which coins to query histroy for, but no history exists.

It shouldn’t impact the working of feeder but you can also add these coins to this list in your appsettings: